Inner Jungle at National park


Hi Travellers…..are you looking for long trekking and sleep in the jungle ???

Here in Taman Negara National Park Pahang Malaysia offer this type of package. Let me explain and tips how it work and cost for you to plan the vacation in Taman Negara National Park Pahang Malaysia.

You can find a few Travel Agent counter

1st make sure you plan to stay at Kuala Tahan Taman Negara National Park for 4 days/3 nights or 3 days/2 nights. If you travel by public transportation or Travel Agent shuttle services, the first day you arrived at kuala tahan taman Negara national park will be around 4.00pm – 6.00pm, you need to stay 1 night.

But don’t worry, there got plenty of room to choose, got fan room, air conditional dorm (sharing is caring), room for 2 and Chalet. Rate range from RM 20.00 to RM 300.00, all depend to your pocket bro.. around kuala tahan taman Negara national park jetty you can find a few Travel Agent counter selling this 2 Days 1 Nights Inner Jungle Gua Kepayang Package (Price is RM 230.00 per person Include foods, water, camping gear, guide, boat, orang asli village), make sure you choose the company got licensed from Ministry of Malaysia Tourism and also the guide got green badge license.

At the Kuala Tahan Jetty

Depart to Wild Life Department (Jabatan Perhilitan)

Second day you will assembly at Travel Agent office around 9.00 – 9.30am to collect food, water, sleeping bag, roll mat and some can food. Normally when you solo traveller, you will join another people and max size of group not more than 12 people with 1 guide.

Make sure you bring hiking bag size 45L and above. If you don’t have bag or you got only your travel bag, don’t worry, you can rent a bag here and cost you RM 20.00 per bag.

Trust me, you need at least 45L and above bag, it to make sure you walk comfortable soon…after packing everything the guide with introduce himself and short briefing about safety and Jungle Law. Than depart to Wild Life Department (Jabatan Perhilitan), the government bodies control the Taman Negara National Park Pahang Malaysia. Prepared RM 1.00 for park entry permit and RM 5.00 for camera license.

Oh ya…forget to informed your guy, when you packing make sure you remember what and how much thing inside your bag, you need to fill up declaration form (just remember and write down). This is Taman Negara National Park law, what you bring inside the jungle, please bring back.

Than boat ride about 1 ½ hours up stream toward to kuala keniam, make sure use sun block cream to avoid your skin burn. Therte will be pack lunch along the way (very nice plain rice with chicken black soya sauce.) Arrived at Kuala Keniam Taman Negara National Park around 1.00pm and start trekking real jungle about 8.4KM (4-5 hours). The trek is not very challenging, suitable for all and not claimed high hill. But honestly you will sweat a lot, make sure you bring enough water.

You will enjoy trekking with beautiful flora and fauna, jungle in Taman Negara National Park Malaysia is the oldest rainforest in the world, you will find huge tree and very tall. We’re lucky we found a few group of monkey and bird along the way.

We arrived at Gua Kepayang Besar Kepayang Cave around 6.00pm. Woww….very beautiful cave with lot of ‘stalactite’ and ‘stalagmite’ and huge space.

After get briefing & instruction by our nature guide, we setting camp based inside the cave and few going out the cave to find fire wood.


Rest time at kepayang cave

The guide prepared dinner, he cook plain rice, chicken curry (in can), mix vegetable and hot coffee. While he prepared our dinner, we take a walk around inside the cave, our nature guide not allowed us to walk outside the cave because afraid of dangerous wild animals.

After dinner, our nature guide green badge tell us story about Taman Negara National Park Malaysia and his experience as a tourist nature guide.

Kepayang cave

Life of Orang Asli Bateq Taman Negara Pahang Malaysia.

Day 2 we wakeup around 8.00am and our breakfast already prepared by our nature guide (tea and coffee, jungle toast bread with coconut jam & fried egg). After clear our camp base, we start trekking back to kuala trenggan about 8KM (4-5 hours). Along the way as yesterday, our nature guide show and tell us many thing about the tree, plant and insect. Suddenly our guide stop, ask us to sit and quite while he slowly move ahead and look around, at same time we hear sound like tree/stick snapped.

Our guide call us to come to him slowly and ..”oh my god”, there are a group of elephant around 6-7 elephant just 150 meter front of us down the hill. About 15 minute waiting the elephant move ahead and gone inside the jungle. We continue our trekking and stop at small river for lunch.

Nature guide prepared fried noodle while we spend our time swimming. After lunch continue trekking about 1 hour and arrived at Kuala Trenggan Taman Negara National Park Pahang Malaysia around 4.00pm, the boat already wait for us and continue boat ride down to Orang Asli Village, stop to learn basic jungle survivor (blowpipe and making fire demo).

We spend at Orang Asli Village about 1 hour and get to know more about life of Orang Asli Bateq Taman Negara Pahang Malaysia.


Continue boat ride back to Kuala Tahan Taman Negara Pahang via Sungai Tembeling River.

This time all of us getting wet, boat thru a few rapid (stream) and water splash in. We arrived at Kuala Tahan jetty around 5.30pm and after give back a camping gear borrow by us, we went back to our room to get shower.

After finish inner jungle activity

That night all of our group meet for dinner together with our guide to have a chit chat and share to buy our experience and knowledgeable guide a lunch.

This experience to explorer the oldest rainforest in the word at Taman Negara National Park Pahang Malaysia is very memorable and for sure I will tell all my friends who’re planned to visit Taman Negara National Park Kuala Tahan Pahang Malaysia. You can also visit for more information about inner jungle.

Inner Jungle